Behind the Scenes

Welcome to our video page! We made two fun videos to give you a taste of that Coffee Bean Direct personality and the fun we have every day at work. In the future we will bring you more great video content – everything from informative videos on how we roast to proper brewing techniques and staff reviews of coffee. For now we stuck with the fun videos. By the end of the two movies you will either think we’re awesome or think we’re giant nerds… Enjoy!

A quick little music video to show you a typical day at CBD in a fun, flashy way. You will finally get to see what we look like and catch a glimpse of our roasting facility. One thing you will definitely notice is how much of the blending, flavoring and packing we do by hand.

This video is extremely goofy but was so much fun to make! It is a tongue-in-cheek telling of the origin of Coffee Bean Direct… as if we were superheroes. The video is staged as the trailer for an overly dramatic action movie. Think “The Dark Knight,” but with coffee. Click here to read the original CBD Origin Story that inspired the movie.

Let us know what you think of the movies and be sure to tell us what you would like to see in the future.