City Roast Colombian Supremo

City Roast Colombian Supremo
$8.10 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
$8.10 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
Region: South America
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By far our most popular coffee, this coffee is what off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer "100% Colombian" blends, and not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean. These large City roasted beans create a heavier body than their Light roast cousins, but this darker roast releases more of the characteristic flavors of this excellent bean, producing a sweet tasting cup with a rich flavor and aroma. If you are new to buying freshly roasted coffee and don’t know where to begin, or if you’re a veteran, this selection will satisfy your coffee craving!

Product Reviews (19)

Overall rating
Our favorite daily coffee
By Ken - 10/5/2016
“This city roasted Colombian is richer, bolder and more flavorful than comparable Columbian Supremo beans from Costco or Dunkin Donuts - by far.”
Auto-re order
By Dee - 9/3/2016
“Personality and unforgetable. ”
First cup is great
By Kevin M - 4/24/2016
“Tastes fresh, good balance. Nutty finish. Bought 5 lbs based on the reviews, the risk paid off with a great cup.”