Decaf Autumn Harvest

Decaf Autumn Harvest
$8.55 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
$8.55 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
Region: South America
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Product Description

This season, we’ve brewed a concoction that will make your ride to work feel like an evening by the fireplace in one of Mr. Hefner’s best smoking jackets (the bubble pipe is optional). Autumn Harvest is a spicy mixture combining the flavors of fall’s best offerings, including spiced rum, apple cinnamon, nutmeg, and more! A drought to be experienced, this flavored coffee blooms with all the fragrance and flavor of the season. Get your daily dose of autumn in one steamy mug.

By Geezer - 9/13/2012
“I am not going to try to be a poseur. This is a great flavor! We have been ordering it for a couple of years. It isn't always on the site but is available if you call. We love it and get it by the 5lb bags.”