Hario Bundle

Hario Bundle

Product Description

The Hario pour-over brewer is designed with both convenience and performance in mind. Though normally sold separately, this bundle allows us to combine the whole kit & caboodle in one easy gift set. Including the sleek ceramic V60 coffee dripper, V60 Range Server, and a 40-pack of V60 paper filters, this bundle is all you need to brew a clear, pure, and flavorful cup without bitterness or sediment. Empower your brewing method with a little piece of genius.

  • Dripper designed for manual pour-over style brewing - the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper brews coffee right into your cup or serving container.
  • Customize the strength of your coffee using the speed at which you pour the hot water (quickly for lighter coffee or slowly for a darker brew).
  • Makes 1-4 Cups
  • Dripper & Brewer are Dishwasher-Safe

Products featured in this bundle: