Hawaiian Kona Blend

Hawaiian Kona Blend
$12.00 - 20.25 /lb $20.25
$12.00 - 20.25 /lb $20.25
Region: Hawaii + Central America
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Product Description

Hawaiian Kona is considered to be one of the world’s best coffees. Unfortunately, due to high demand and minimal availability, it is often exorbitantly priced. We’ve developed this refined blend for those who aren’t ready to commit to the high cost, but want to experience its sweet aroma and mellow, nuanced caramel-mocha undertones. This true Kona blend features real Hawaiian Kona blended with smooth South American beans to create a cup very similar to 100% Kona. Give it a try and find out what this Kona thing is all about!

Product Reviews (7)

Overall rating
By Dustin - 9/27/2016
“This coffee is absolutely amazing. It's flavorful and has a wonderful aroma. Trying this Kona Blend almost makes me want to spend the incredible amount of money on the Kona beans. It's that good.”
Good Coffee
By Kirsten - 2/22/2016
“Kona is one of my favorite coffee's. Although the regular Kona is the best, and because its on the pricey side, I can only afford to buy the blend.

If you have ever had this coffee before, you would agree that it is a really good smooth coffee.

really liked it
By Valari - 11/9/2015
“Hi. I'm a fairly new coffee drinker since I gave up vanilla latte's from McDonald's to lose weight :) So, I started drinking McDonald's coffee (don't laugh). Anyway, my work isn't near a McDonald's and I really wanted a cup of coffee so I went to the local truck stop thinking, hey, they should make good coffee, it's a truck stop after all!! So, I go to where the coffee is and sure enough there's a variety. They had Columbian, Arabica caffeince rush, and Kona Blend. I tried a sampling of each and liked the Kona. So, I added my usual raw sugar and creamer and wow, it tastes great!! I really like the milder coffee without the after taste. By the way, is the after taste the acid I'm tasting? Anyway, the Kona blend has a very nice taste to it. It's enjoyable and not intruding.”