Hawaiian Kona

Hawaiian Kona
Region: USA
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Cultivated on the volcanic slopes of Hawaii’s biggest island, Hawaiian Kona is one of the finest coffees on the market and the only bean to be grown in the United States. Only true Kona beans, grown in the Kona region of Hawaii, can be called such as it is strictly graded and regulated by law. With only 1500 acres devoted to growing Kona, it is one of the scarcest and most sought after coffees available today. Thanks to the region’s unique weather conditions, this coffee features a silky, mellow body and a distinctly sweet flavor profile with hints of cranberries and chocolate.

“There has been some curiosity amongst our readers (with me as well) as to why coffee like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona are so pricey. Is it the taste? Is it the location? Is it the availability? So, in response to these burning questions I did a little research to find some answers… I hope this suffices! ...”

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