2016 Holiday Gift Guide

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

For the Coffee Lover

For the Coffee Addict

$8.65 - 14.30 /lb
Exhibiting a sweet aroma, rich body, and complex flavor profile, this brew is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.
$7.65 - 12.80 /lb
The tastes of creamy vanilla, crunchy nut, and smooth caramel combine to hatch a rare, irresistible treat that is certain to catch Santa’s attention.
$57.60 - 74.15
Give the gift of good taste with one of our 5-pack samplers and make filling up those stockings a little easier.
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For the Brewmaster

For the Culinary Crafter

$41.35 - 43.25
Producing a pure, flavorful brew without bitterness or sediment, the Chemex brewer makes each cup a work of art.
Santa’s wardrobe may be red, but this year, he’s going green. Drop the K-Cups but keep the convenience with these eco-friendly reusable filters.
Empower your brewing method with this little piece of genius, and make each cup the perfect cup.
These chic, convenient containers are designed with coffee in mind. Protect your beans and make every cup tastes as fresh as the first!
$40.00 - 50.00
This is the key to getting the most out of your coffee at home. Score some points with your loved ones this Christmas!
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For the Tea Lover

For the Tea Lover

$0.68 - 1.50 /oz
Combining our scrumptious chai with the taste of rich Bavarian chocolate and almonds, this toasty brew is perfect with a little milk and a lot of cookies.
Leave complication behind and discover the simplicity of tea with this no-nonsense infuser.
$8.99 - 32.99
Why settle for just one? Our convenient gift sets feature a variety of premium teas hand-picked for the tea lover in your life.
The holidays are busy enough! Make your steeping life a little easier and enjoy the same premium loose leaf teas you love with our extra-large tea bags.
Steep with the ease of our Teaze Infuser. The final product is more than hassle free; it’s a sublime cup of tea!
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For the Roastmaster

For the Roastmaster >

Roast your beans to perfection with this customizable nostalgic popper - a great gift for the novice roaster and the aficionado!
$5.65 - 7.80 /lb
This versatile bean is a delight at any roast level and will gratify the intricate tastes of any home roaster.
Want to share the gift of freshly ground coffee with your loved ones this holiday? This cute, compact little grinder is just what you’re looking for.
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