Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee

Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee

  • Grinding adds $.40/lb
$11.35 - $16.55 /lb $15.55
$11.35 - $16.55 /lb $15.55


When you read the words “Maple Bacon Coffee,” you already knew if this coffee was for you.

For the “MMMMM” crowd:

You obviously have impeccable taste, and you aren’t afraid to show it. You know you love coffee. You know you love bacon. Coffee + bacon = MMMMM. Both of these edible miracles have been hallmarks of a delicious breakfast since the beginning of time. Sadly, Littlefoot doesn’t ever eat breakfast in The Land Before Time so we may never know how far back this tradition goes. Regardless, what’s important is that you can now have a side of bacon “with” your coffee whether you have time for a big breakfast or not.

We pour the maple bacon flavor on our slow smoked beans like syrup, letting them soak up all the wonderful bacon goodness. Each cup will taste sweet, savory, and delicious without all the fat and grease. Your entire kitchen, office, or café will smell like a Sunday breakfast.

For the “EEWWW” crowd:

Luckily we have lots of other flavors that you might like better. Maybe you will be more into the BBQ Pulled Pork flavored coffee we are developing. Maybe not…

Smoked in a facility that also processes fish and shellfish.

Flavor Profile

  • Blended with beans from
    Central America