Coffee Bean Direct Privacy Policy [Updated 04-02-2013]


Coffee Bean Direct recognizes the importance of being clear about the use of your personal information, so please read this entire section- it details the ways in which we use and protect your personal information.

In visiting and its aliases, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in detail below. Should you object to any of the information usage detailed below, please refrain from using or its aliases and do not share any of your information with us.

1. Information Collected by is designed specifically to cater to our customers’ needs and shopping experience, and any information obtained is used solely to this end.


Information Provided by Customers: For order fulfillment, we require a billing/shipping address, a phone number, and an email address. This information is used exclusively for us to properly fulfill your orders, as well as to communicate with you if there is a problem/question about your order. We do have a newsletter, but it is opt-in only, and you will only receive such correspondence from us if you give us specific permission.


Automatically Gathered Information: Like most websites, stores information whenever a visitor accesses this website. This includes basic traffic information like your IP address, browser type, OS, clickstreams and related. also makes use of cookies, like most other websites, to simplify cart, login, and account functions for users.


Third Parties: makes use of online ads and affiliate links to drive potential customers to our site. The Parties who provide these advertising services, be they paid ads or affiliate services, track whenever a visitor clicks on these links and comes to our site. These services also get notification whenever such a visit results in a sale on this website. These third parties DO NOT have access to any personal, identifying information, nor any specific information to the purchase and browsing behavior of the visitor. Coffee Bean Direct will not share any private customer information with any third party of this kind.

2. Information Shared by

Coffee Bean Direct and its aliases are neither in the business of, nor interested in selling customer information to other parties. We want our relationship with our customers/visitors to be one based on trust. Below is a summary of what we do with your information.


In-House Use: Coffee Bean Direct conducts its entire order fulfillment process internally, meaning that any and all order information you submit to us is accessed exclusively by our employees via our secure internal computer networks.


Outside Agents:

a) Shipping. We use FedEx shipping for the vast majority of orders placed on our website. Shipments outside the continental United States are fulfilled via FedEx or USPS. Your delivery address information is provided to FedEx and USPS strictly for delivery purposes. Your order number is provided to FedEx for customer shipment tracking purposes. No other information of any kind is shared with FedEx and/or USPS that does not directly relate to delivering or tracking your order.

b) Amazon Checkout. supports Checkout by Amazon as an optional way to pay for your orders. Should you choose to use this optional checkout method, your order information and delivery information is derived from and shared to your Amazon account. Please see Amazon’s privacy statements for more information on how they manage your information.


Payments:, in taking orders online, communicates with credit card and other payment processors as part of the order process. The acquisition of this information is covered in section 1.1. These payment processors require the strictest of data security, and Coffee Bean Direct operates in full compliance with these requirements. servers do not store your credit card information, nor do Coffee Bean Direct employees have access to seeing your credit card numbers.


Law Enforcement: Coffee Bean Direct and its aliases will cooperate with law enforcement and third parties if it is appropriate in enforcing laws and third party rights (such as intellectual property rights). This also pertains to the application and enforcement of the Terms of Use of, or to protect the rights, safety, and property of Coffee Bean Direct.


Consent by Users: Any other use of personal information not described above is done strictly with the consent of the user. For instance, we maintain an email newsletter, for which we necessarily use email addresses provided by users to us. Subscription to our email newsletter is strictly activated via an opt-in action by the user.

3. Information Security

Coffee Bean Direct maintains efforts to use the most current and up-to-date security measures protecting your information. Details on liabilities is covered in our Terms of Use.


Our Equipment: Orders placed on the Coffee Bean Direct website are done using a secure 256-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Our server is constantly monitored and protected by the latest security measures. All computers that Coffee Bean Direct uses to process orders are protected by the latest in Internet security.

4. User Responsibility


User Passwords: Users of this website are responsible for keeping their account login information (usernames, passwords, etc) private on their end. Be sure to log out every time you are finished doing business with, especially if accessing from a public or shared computer. Coffee Bean Direct is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred through misuse of your account. Coffee Bean Direct employees do not have access to your account password, nor will any employee ask you for your password.


User Computers: End user is responsible for the security of their own computers or any other device that is used to access


Customer Alternatives to If for whatever reason you do not wish to order with us via our website, you are free to place orders by phone at our toll-free number. Please note that you must still provide payment and delivery information to us and that this information will be used for order fulfillment in the same way it is used on our website.

Social Networks and Other Websites contains links to external websites, notably to Social Media Networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Though these links take you to social media accounts maintained by Coffee Bean Direct as a means of connecting directly with our customers, the terms of use and privacy rules of do not apply on these external sites. In accessing websites linked from, you are subject to the usage and privacy terms of those sites.


The nature of the internet and the applicable regulatory environment is constantly changing. We expect to make regular amendments and alterations to this Privacy Policy as these parameters change. Please check back here regularly to see if there are any new changes.