Decaf Dark Costa Rican

Decaf Dark Costa Rican

  • Grinding adds $.40/lb
$9.20 - $14.20 /lb $14.20
$9.20 - $14.20 /lb $14.20

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Costa Rica began farming coffee way back around the time of the founding of the United States. Coffee continues to be a major export crop for Costa Rica, and aren’t we thankful for that! It has even been said that Juan Valdez (the Colombian coffee guy) drinks Costa Rican coffee!

We bring this to the French Roast level for a fuller bodied and more complex cup than the standard Light Roast Costa Rican.

This decaffeinated coffee responds nicely to a fuller roast, producing a rich, dark chocolate flavor nuance and aromas of spice and sweet caramel. The cup is smooth and moderate in body. The brightness, or acidity, common to Costa Rican coffees, is transformed into a more pungent flavor experience—a desirable nuance for those who appreciate darker roasted coffees. As the cup settles, berry-like notes develop toward the relatively clean finish.

Flavor Profile

  • This coffee is from
    Central America

A great selection for the drinker who wants a flavorful dark roast, but could do without the caffeine. This coffee responds very nicely to both drip and French press brewing methods.

This coffee is decaffeinated using the traditional methylene chloride process.