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Decaf Sumatra

Decaf Sumatra

  • Grinding adds $.40/lb
$9.30 - $15.15 /lb $15.15
$9.30 - $15.15 /lb $15.15

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A staple of coffee shops across the country, this is ideal as a dessert coffee or for those who avoid high-acid coffees. Sumatra coffee is famously smooth and rich with an earthy and chocolatey flavor. This lightly roasted decaffeinated Sumatran coffee has a subtle, vanilla-caramel aroma. The cup is moderate in body while the flavor is sweetly mild with hints of nut and chocolate. The finish is bright and citrus-toned.

Flavor Profile

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An excellent breakfast or any time of day coffee for the 'decaf' drinker. Best prepared as a drip brew coffee.

This coffee is decaffeinated using the traditional methylene chloride process.