Zombie Cure

Zombie Cure
$7.65 - 12.80 /lb $12.80
$7.65 - 12.80 /lb $12.80
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

Do you find yourself gnawing on the extremities of your friends, loved ones, or even strangers? Do you have an unnatural craving for brains? Are you part of a ravenous, undead horde roaming the streets of a city or suburb leaving death and destruction in your wake? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, we have the flavored coffee just for you! We begin with our Eyes Wide Open blend, which is created to be more caffeinated than any other blend available. Then, we add our field-tested cure, a sweet buttery and salty flavoring that mimics ‘brains’ so well 13 out of 17 zombies can’t tell the difference. Sorry for the small survey sample, but only 17 zombies didn’t try to eat us when we asked them to take our poll. The other 4 may not have recognized a difference either, but all they said was “Uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg." Wake up, and enjoy this Halloween themed treat now... before the zombie apocalypse takes over!

You asked for it! Your polite requests grew into a deafening clamor as your numbers increased from a small band of zombies to a massive horde that could not be stopped. We boarded up the windows and barricaded ourselves inside but eventually there was no other course of action but to make Zombie Cure a permanent, year-round flavor. May this finally satisfy that insatiable coffee-zombie thirst.

Product Reviews (8)

Overall rating
Zombie and Mom approved.
By Trina - 11/26/2016
“I brought this coffee with me on a visit home. My parents only drink Chicory (gag) but surprisingly when I made this my mother wanted to know what the wonderful smell was. Needless to say, I went back home without my Zombie Cure..Thank goodness I had an extra bag.”
Zombie approved!
By Kanina - 2/24/2016
“This is just a great blend! It smells amazing.. Full rich flavor. Our new favorite! I highly recommend this! ”
Forget the name, TRY the coffee!
By David - 11/20/2014
“As I try to work my way through all the flavored coffees, THIS is one I would buy in bulk and serve to my friends and relatives. The coffee underneath is delicious, caffeine-packed, and the buttery, slightly nutty flavor adds a smooth overtone with absolutely no unpleasant aftertastes. Good stuff. I love it when the aroma of good coffee fills the house. Try this one, it will definitely cure the morning zombie in you.”