Brazilian Santos

Brazilian Santos
$7.95 - 13.85 /lb $13.85
$7.95 - 13.85 /lb $13.85
Region: South America
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Brazil is known the world over as one of the most prolific and dedicated of coffee producers. This selection from the Santos region in southern Brazil is easily the “softest” coffee we offer, and many people are surprised by how smooth and light it is on their palate. As a result, this makes an excellent choice for those who enjoy milk and sugar in their cup. At its best as a drip coffee, it also makes for a delightful single-origin espresso with a pleasant cinnamon nuance and a great crema. Find out why Brazilian coffee is served at cafés across the globe with this excellent bean.

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Brazilian Santos
By James - 6/21/2017
“This is the majority of the coffee we drink. We have found it to have great smooth taste and as always Coffee Bean Direct delivers it to my place in a timely manner and it's always fresh. We have tried others and found them to also to be delicious but or personal favorite is the Santos. ”
My favorite coffee
By Thomas - 6/20/2017
“This is a very light, very flavorful coffee. It is definitely my favorite coffee from CBD so far!”
Favorite so far.
By JEK - 5/10/2017
“This is the third light roast I've ordered from CBD and it is my favorite so far. I've also tried the Tanzanian Peaberry and the Light House Blend, and I think this Santos retains the origin character of the bean the best of the three. Very good. ”