CO2 Decaf Espresso

CO2 Decaf Espresso
$9.65 - 17.15 /lb $17.15
$9.65 - 17.15 /lb $17.15
Region: South America
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All Natural CO2 Decaffeinated Coffee - 99.9% Caffeine Free

Decaf coffee should be just as deep and full-flavored as our other craft coffees. This 100% Arabica gourmet decaf coffee uses a chemical-free, carbon dioxide (CO2) processing method and features a blend of Italian roasted coffee beans displaying a sweet, floral aroma. As an espresso, the cup is moderate in crema with a balanced, well-rounded body and rich, bittersweet chocolate finish. These gourmet beans also produce a great cup of traditional coffee whether prepared with a drip coffeemaker, percolator, or French press.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
the best
By r clayton - 6/19/2017
“wife and I are in our eighties - had to give up caffeine about 8 years ago - found this decaf esp after rejecting many others and have used it since then. There is little or no caffeine but great, balanced espresso flavor”
Simply the Best!
By David - 6/1/2017
“We have tried 3 different COFFEEBEAN Direct decaf coffees, Costa Rican, CO2 Columbian and are now on our 4th 5 lb bag of this CO2 Decaf Expresso. It is wonderful, rich, full bodied, smooth, not bitter. By far the best coffee, not just the best decaf, we have ever brewed. We buy the beans which we believe keeps them fresher. We could not be happier. Thanks COFFEEEBEAN Direct!”
Decaf with Strength
By Lora - 5/28/2017
“This decaf isn't your typical "weak" decaf! My husband and I are VERY picky about our coffee and we insist that it be strong and good flavor! This CO2 Decaf Espresso is EXCELLENT!!”