CO2 Decaf Espresso

CO2 Decaf Espresso
$9.90 - 17.40 /lb $17.40
$9.90 - 17.40 /lb $17.40
Region: South America
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All Natural CO2 Decaffeinated Coffee - 99.9% Caffeine Free

Decaf coffee should be just as deep and full-flavored as our other craft coffees. This 100% Arabica gourmet decaf coffee uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) processing method and features a blend of Italian roasted coffee beans displaying a sweet, floral aroma. As an espresso, the cup is moderate in crema with a balanced, well-rounded body and rich, bittersweet chocolate finish. These gourmet beans also produce a great cup of traditional coffee whether prepared with a drip coffeemaker, percolator, or French press.

Product Reviews (10)

Overall rating
Outstanding coffee!
By Andrea - 12/30/2017
“This coffee is at the top of my list for taste and freshness. For medical reasons, I have to drink decaf and am an espresso lover, so finding a top notch bean has been a challenge. This coffee is always wonderful - full espresso flavor, never stale or bitter and yet so full flavored! And affordable! I drink it every morning and most evenings. As a former manager for Starbucks, I highly recommend this terrific whole bean decaf!”
Co2 espresso excellent
By David - 9/2/2017
“This is by far the best, fullest flavored decaf I have tried. You really cannot tell it is decaf thanks to the CO2 process. Any chance for a CO2 decaf Kenyan coffee in the future????”
Excellent flavor!
By Tracey - 8/1/2017
“I love this coffee in the morning. It has a very bold flavor, less caffeine than usual expresso's, the beans come *very* fresh (and I grind them right before putting them in the Frenchpress), it's less expensive than, say, Starbucks or Petes, and it tastes wonderful. Five Stars on this one.”