Ekobrew™ Reusable Filter for 2.0 and 1.0 Single-Cup Brewers

These Ekobrew™ Reusable Filters are compatible with new Keurig 2.0 as well as 1.0 single cup brewers.

Free your Keurig from K Cup Tyranny

Millions of Americans are in love with their Keurig single serve coffee makers… not everyone, however, is in love with the actual K cups themselves. Whether your main complaint is cost, waste or quality, K Cups have not satisfied every Keurig user. The only real drawback to the Keurig single serve system is that you’re obligated to use the K Cups – it’s like attaching a ball and chain to your nice sleek, convenient Keurig machine.

Now, thanks to the Ekobrew™ Reusable Filter, your Keurig can have the freedom it deserves. Choose any coffee you want – it’s finally up to you!

Ekobrew™ is the ideal alternative to Keurig K-cups. The patent pending Ekobrew™ is a reusable K-cup styled filter made specifically for Keurig single cup brewers. The Ekobrew™ is easy to use, easy to clean and allows Keurig users to enjoy the coffee of their choice. Combine Ekobrew™ and Coffee Bean Direct coffee and you’ll save over 75% over the cost of K Cups.

Simply fill the Ekobrew™ with ground coffee, close the lid and pop it into the Keurig holster just like a regular K Cup.

Ekobrew™ packaging may vary from photo shown above.

*We tested the Ekobrew™ and recommend an espresso grind. If you are buying ground coffee from Coffee Bean Direct request an Ekobrew™ grind. If you are grinding the coffee fresh at home, we recommend a #8 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the finest).

This item may be shipped separately from the coffee/tea products included on your order.

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