Almond Biscotti Flavored Coffee

Almond Biscotti Flavored Coffee
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25



Product Description

Love biscotti with your coffee? Sadly, unless you’re a baker, biscotti is not always readily available. Our delicious Almond Biscotti flavored coffee takes care of this conundrum. Combining our smooth, full-flavored beans with the sweet, buttery flavor of the iconic treat, this tastes so close to the real thing you’ll think we dipped one in just for you. Forget the cookie and get sipping with this coffee classic.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Does not contain any nuts

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
Too much like almond extract taste
By ML - 1/14/2019
“The almond flavoring is overpowering and almost like a straight shot of almond extract. Not pleasant. The aroma is amazing though.”
Very Tasty
By Tim - 1/24/2017
“This has a very nice flavor, I like it very much”