Ethiopia Gera Estate

Ethiopia Gera Estate
$11.93 - 18.26 /lb $18.26
$11.93 - 18.26 /lb $18.26
Region: Africa
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This shade grown, dry-processed Arabica bean is grown in the highlands of the Gera Estate at an altitude of 1880-2180 m. With a focus on sustainable farming and improving conditions for its workers, the Gera Estate provides employees and their families with free housing, education, health care, and recreational facilities. The optimal soil and meticulous care result a full-bodied coffee with notes of molasses, blueberry, and bittersweet chocolate.

Dry-processed coffees, also known as “natural-processed,” are coffees dried with the fruit left on the bean. As the coffee cherries dry and break down, they impart a bit of their flavor into the seed. This causes the fruity, often blueberry notes that make dry-processed coffees so special.

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
Blueberry Blast
By J.C. - 7/14/2019
“I really enjoyed this coffee. I have never tasted anything this good. The taste of blueberries and dark chocolate rule the cup and it only gets better as it cools down. We sometimes drink the coffee cold with a little pure cane sugar. It is really an awesome coffee to start your day. It's even better on a Saturday morning before or with breakfast. ”
By RONALD - 1/25/2019
“This will be one of my favorite beans you have. The minute you open the bag you notice a fruity back ground smell the light roast gives it a good kick with a smooth taste. For me a plain cup of this brew will be easy to sip as well with a little dairy.”