Costa Rican Tarrazu

Costa Rican Tarrazu
$9.90 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
$9.90 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
Region: Central America
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There are a lot of things to love about Costa Rica. The landscape is gorgeous. The beaches are clean, and the weather is warm year round. What we love most, however, is the coffee. Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions due to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. As a result, this light roasted coffee is delightfully smooth with a sweet, fruity aroma. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate nuances paired beautifully with the delicate hint of citrus. The cup finishes with a dry, lemon-like citrus nuance. Without a doubt, this stuff is the definition of ‘pura vida.’

Costa Rican Tarrazu is at its best when prepared as a drip brew. The French press produces a somewhat brighter cup with more pronounced citrus nuances. The brightness, or acidity, may be a bit overwhelming when this coffee is prepared as a single-origin espresso.

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Overall rating
My favorite
By Edward - 12/4/2018
“This is my favorite CBD coffee so far, and I've tried a lot of them during the past 10 years. (Yes, I've been a CBD customer for 10 years...) The flavor is sweet and the acidity is pleasant, as long as you don't over-extract or use too much ground coffee. I use a single-cup pourover, and the result is great!”
Truly Good!
By Francisca - 10/25/2017
“I didn't like the smell of the coffee when I first opened the package, nor the taste of the first brewed cup. But I remembered from my previous order with CBD (Ethiopian Yirgachaffe), that I also hadn't liked that coffee in the beginning. However, as the days progressed, that coffee got better and better smelling and tasting. The same happened to the Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee. The taste got better and better, until one day I realized that it was one of the best coffees I had had. This coffee embodies everything I like in a cup of java - aroma, smoothness, pleasant aftertaste, and like someone has already mentioned, it really is gentle on the stomach.
Since I am not a connoisseur of coffee chemistry, I would like to know why is it that the taste changes (for the better) over time after opening the package?”
Great coffee, fast shipping, great customer service.
By Coffee King - 10/4/2017
“Coffee bean direct has always been my go to for whole bean large quantity great coffees. I asked for a suggestion based on my more recent purchases and they suggested this delicious coffee out of Costa Rica.

To date this has been one of the best coffees from any of the suppliers I've used coming out of the AeroPress. ”