Panama Boquete

Panama Boquete
$9.50 - 14.45 /lb $14.45
$9.50 - 14.45 /lb $14.45
Region: Central America
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Though overlooked in the past, coffee connoisseurs have recently recanted and embraced Panama’s beans. Our Panama Boquete (beau-keh-TAY) is a shining example of superior quality coffee with a complex, rewarding flavor profile that is unlike any other bean we offer. Grown in rich volcanic soil and at high elevations on the slopes of the Baru volcano, Panama Boquete showcases a fruity, yet spicy blend of flavor and features a mild acidity and moderate body. One thing is for certain, this bean was born to set off your taste buds.

Product Reviews (7)

Overall rating
Unreal Bean
By pete - 12/6/2017
“This coffee is outrageous. I usually prefer African (Tanzanian Peaberry is my coffee crush) and Indonesian coffees to Central and South American varieties, but this is a special kind of bean.

Forget about starting on the taste, opening the bag is an experience in its own right. Immediately when I opened the bag I can smell fresh roasted peanuts and caramel popcorn. After thrown in through a blade grinder and it left a delicious lingering aroma leaving me impatient for the the final product.

First sip is exceptional. Chocolate, peanut butter, a luxurious buttery mouthfeel, finishes with a silky pomegranate sweetness. This is your new jam. I will definitely be ordering the 5 pound bag next month. ”
My Favorite so far
By Caitlin - 6/15/2017
“Definitely my favorite so far out of the sample pack I bought! Very smooth and not to acidic just like I like it :)”
By Deborah - 6/3/2017
“If coffee could be a jazz song this one would be a platinum seller. Smooth body, and very fragrant.
I bought a pound each of different flavors and when this one was done I wished I had another pound! It is my new favorite!”