City Roast Papua New Guinea

City Roast Papua New Guinea
$9.25 - 14.95 /lb $14.95
$9.25 - 14.95 /lb $14.95
Region: Indonesia
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This Indonesian coffee is actually a transplant from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing region. The combination of the JBM trees and the Indonesian soil creates a truly unique coffee. This balanced bean features hints of cherry and baker’s chocolate and a crisp finish. Not as earthy as a Sumatra and with a lighter body than a Java, it is a clean cup with sweet acidity and a deep, complex flavor.

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Overall rating
Nice smooth cup of coffee
By Kerry - 1/15/2018
“This city roast Papua New Guinea brews to a really good cup. If your grinder is set right it's a nice smooth body with some really complex notes yet not really much acidity at all and really not as earthy as many Indonesian coffees. Also no hints of fermentation. I recommend trying it and adjusting your settings, you will find it to be very pleasing to the palate throughout the cup.”
My Go To Brew
By Christopher - 9/17/2017
“I love my coffee and love trying new blends. I grind my coffee using a burr grinder immediately prior to brewing. If you do not do this you should give it a try. You will be amazed by the difference. Of all the grinds I have tried I keep returning to the City Roast Papua New Guinea. It is a light roast, smooth and very balanced yet rich flavor. When the grinding starts the room is filled with and incredible aroma, which will have you standing next to the coffee pot with cup in hand waiting for the brew to finish. Very satisfying and highly recommended! ”
Try It
By Wizop - 7/28/2017
“I used to mix Columbian and French Roast and then I found the City Roast Columbian and it became my everyday morning coffee. Recently, I did a search on City Roast here and discovered this option. I like it better. I highly recommend this one, but suggest you try each of the City Roasts to see which you like best.”