Estate Java

Estate Java
$8.70 - 13.00 /lb $13.00
$8.70 - 13.00 /lb $13.00
Region: Indonesia
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Grown on the iconic island of Java, the name of this bean has become synonymous with coffee. Like many other Indonesian varietals, this bean is low in acidity and produces a rich brew with sweet, fruity flavor notes. It does not contain the same earthiness indicative of most Indonesian coffees however. Featuring a broad, smooth body and dried apricot finish, this bean offers an experience that is truly unique.

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Overall rating
Great coffee
By Joseph - 12/29/2017
“Awesome value tastes great!”
awesome coffee
By Joseph - 12/29/2017
“great value also.”
Whole Bean Blend
By Larry - 12/12/2017
“We take the Estate Java and do an equal blend with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, one cup of each, and the blend is absolutely the best we've tasted. Mindful here that we have been searching for the perfect cup of coffee for nigh on 42 years and this is the best blend we've found. CBD is a super bunch of folks to deal with; prompt with delivery, easy to order, and always quality beans. ”