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We sell all coffees in 4 bag sizes: 25-lb burlap (lowest price per pound), 5-lb valve bag, 2.5-lb valve bag and 1-lb valve pouch.

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  1. Hawaiian Kona Blend
    $12.40 - 20.80 /lb $20.80
    Hawaiian Kona is considered to be one of the world’s best coffees. Unfortunately, due to high demand and minimal availability, it is often exorbitantly priced. Our Hawaiian Kona blend contains 10% real Kona coffee combined with a specialty blend of … read more
  2. Hawaiian Kona Fancy
    $40.10 - 47.20 /lb $47.20

    Out of stock

    It just so happens that the only place in the United States suitable for cultivating coffee produces one of the best in the world. (Pat yourselves on the back, deserve it!) The volcanic soil on the western side of the Big Island of … read more
  3. Jamaica Blue Mountain
    $44.50 - 49.60 /lb $49.60
    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is in a league of its own. This rare, vibrant bean is known for its exceptional quality and silky body. Grown in the Clydesdale Estate on the southern slopes of the Jamaica Blue Mountains, this coffee is light roasted to … read more
  4. Jamaican Blue Mountain Style
    $10.20 - 18.10 /lb $18.10
    Whether Jamaican Blue Mountain is an old favorite or you’d like to give it a try to discover what the hubbub is all about, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Style is just what you’re looking for. Perfected by our legendary roast masters, this blend is … read more

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