Hawaiian Kona Blend

Hawaiian Kona Blend
$12.40 - 20.80 /lb $20.80
$12.40 - 20.80 /lb $20.80
Region: Hawaii + Central America
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Product Description

Hawaiian Kona is considered to be one of the world’s best coffees. Unfortunately, due to high demand and minimal availability, it is often exorbitantly priced. Our Hawaiian Kona blend contains 10% real Kona coffee combined with a specialty blend of other premium Arabica beans. It’s designed to offer the same flavor profile and aroma of a full Kona coffee but at an affordable price. Displaying a mellow body and bright acidity, this true, artisan Kona blend is light roasted and features flavor notes reminiscent of coriander, buttery macadamia nut, & mocha. Give it a try and find out what this Kona thing is all about!

Product Reviews (12)

Overall rating
By Keith - 1/24/2019
“Is a good 2nd best.”
buy real kona
By Jon - 11/22/2017
“this is good but not like the real thing, so buy the real thing if that is the flavor youre looking for.”
Order this for Christmas
By John - 7/17/2017
“This is an excellent coffee. No it's not 100% Kona, who cares, it tastes great.”