0 Dark 30 Blend

0 Dark 30 Blend
$9.15 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
$9.15 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
Region: South America + Indonesia
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Product Description

Our tribute to our uniformed service members - past and present - has returned. As you may already know, we’ve had great difficulty reacquiring the beans from Yemen that were so integral to this blend. While that obstacle hasn’t changed, we’ve had our in-house veterans hard at work finding an equally irresistible replacement, and thankfully, they’ve not only resurrected the 0 Dark 30 Blend, they’ve improved upon it!

Like its predecessor, this incarnation of 0 Dark 30 isn’t mess hall Java or MRE powder. Instead, you can expect a rich, silky coffee with creamy chocolate undertones and hints of spiced berry. Featuring a smooth, lingering finish and a spicy yet sweet flavor profile, this brew will take your taste buds by storm, whether you wear the uniform or not.

Check out our blog for the story of how a retired Air Force Master Sergeant created the original 0 Dark 30 Blend:

“In August, I received a delightful email from an enthusiastic coffee loving customer. Verlyn has been our customer since 2006 and enjoys taking our single-origin coffees and creating his own blends at home. His endeavor at the time he wrote to me was developing a blend similar to our true Mocha Java coffee. ...”

Read more at our blog:
Behind the Scenes of 0 Dark 30

Product Reviews (12)

Overall rating
The best of them all!
By David - 1/7/2019
“I tried them all this is the best coffee hands down. If you think it's too mild then use more beans! This is an everyday drinker. I've gone through 100+ pounds of this blend and I never get tired of it. So good! I use the "army helmet" method... I throw the fine grind into a large Pyrex measuring cup of 7 minutes in the microwave boiling water, stir it around for a minute or so and then strain it out by hand, pouring it through a metal mesh filter. Perfect every time.
I Beg to Differ - for Now
By PCHcruzr - 8/7/2018
“It has been a long while since I had coffee at 0-Dark-Thirty while wearing BDU's, but this is not the brew I recall. Tasty, yes, but way too mild. More like strong tea than coffee. I couch this review with promise, however. I've just had it for a couple of days and I've been (not) brewing it from a Kuerig. Will give it the French Press test and update if my sensory sensors tell me I've been unkind.”
By Pamela - 7/31/2018
“I have not tried this of yet, but as a wife of a retired Marine the name 0 Dark 30 is really cool, and a tribute to those who have been there and done that. Now you need to follow up with a blend that says Day On, Stay On. :-) Something most civilians wouldn't understand. Semper Gumby, Always Flexible.