Decaf House Blend

Decaf House Blend
$8.95 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
$8.95 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
Region: South America
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Product Description

Our various “house blends” are some of our most popular coffees. We have many customers who will order nothing but one of these special blends.

For this Decaf House Blend, dark and light decaf beans are blended to create a decaf coffee that would appeal even to hard-line caffeine "enthusiasts." This blend brings the best aspects of light roasts together with the best traits of dark roasts, minus the jitters.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Best Decaf
By Naiya - 8/30/2018
“This is absolutely the best decaf I (and my husband) have ever had. For the past few years, my husband has had to limit his coffee due to the fact that he now gets sort of nuts when he caffeinates. He loves this stuff. The price is nice as well.”
Great stuff
By Paul - 9/9/2017
“Smells great and taste great. I buy the 25 pound whole bean bag and re-bag it in my food saver to fit my canister. Stays fresh to the end. I alternate between this and the Decaf Breakfast Blend - Both are great. ”
Mellow and Smooth
By Diana - 12/25/2016
“I really enjoy the balanced mellow taste of this decaf. This and the Breakfast Blend are my favorite Coffeebean Direct decaf coffees, and I'm ordering more of them!”