French Roast

French Roast
$7.95 - 13.10 /lb $13.10
$7.95 - 13.10 /lb $13.10
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

This signature blend of small-batch French roast craft beans from South America and India is a dark roast and produces a deep, full-bodied coffee with moderate acidity and a dry finish. Displaying sweet, smoky aroma and flavor notes reminiscent of licorice, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate, our French Roast blend is close to having an espresso flavor, but is a quite a bit smoother. In fact, some customers prefer to use this bean as their espresso. Whether prepared hot or iced, our craft French Roast coffee will be a favorite.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
French roast
By William H. - 8/30/2017
“Great coffee we enjoy smelling it when we grind it and again when we brew it.”
A rich and smooth cup of coffee
By Michael - 2/27/2017
“French roast brews a rich and flavorful cup of coffee with little to no bitterness. My wife and I consider it the only way to start the day.”
By James - 8/16/2016
“I enjoyed the French Roast. One of my top three favorites.”