Grandfather's Blend®

Grandfather's Blend®
$12.29 - 20.27 /lb $20.27
$12.29 - 20.27 /lb $20.27
Region: Africa, Indonesia, South America
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Product Description

Created by our company founder, Grandfather’s Blend® is our homage to grandfathers everywhere and to the strong coffees of yesteryear that fueled them.

Each varietal in this nostalgic blend of African, Indonesian, and South American specialty coffees is separately roasted and then hand blended for a premium, full-flavored brew. This robust coffee features chocolate undertones, a vanilla finish and a deep, velvety body.

Recapturing the golden age of coffee and the era it helped build, Grandfather’s Blend® puts that old-world grit back where it belongs: in your coffeemaker.

Product Reviews (30)

Overall rating
Old School Coffee
By Jason - 3/29/2019
“This, 100%, reminds me of the coffee shop my grandpa used to take me to when I was a little kid. It reminds me of the smell of the small town coffee shop where he'd go and meet with his friends in the mornings. You know what this coffee is missing? A donut shoppe flavor coffee right next to it... because that's what was next to that little diner when we'd go to the coffee shop!”
Good coffee
By Brian - 2/12/2019
“This coffee to me was good but to be honest it had a taste that reminded me of Hills Bros roast. I kinda expected a little more. I really like a bold coffee and this was a little less than what I would like. ”
Full flavor, good anytime
By Kurt - 1/12/2019
“Tasty coffee that as they say is good to the last drop. Strong enough to fulfill and smooth go together anytime you want a good pot of coffee. Thank you.”