Italian Roast Espresso

Italian Roast Espresso
$7.80 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
$7.80 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
Region: South America + India
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This signature blend of Italian roasted coffee beans from South America and India is a heavy, full-bodied roast. Displaying a toasty, honeyed aroma and notes of cocoa powder and smoky molasses, these gourmet beans are our most popular coffee blend. If you’re looking for a strong, dark brew, check this one out, hot or iced!

Product Reviews (41)

Overall rating
The best!
By Brian - 10/30/2018
“This is our daily driver - it is the best for a dark coffee - not burnt like French Roast can be, just a serious dark.”
By Espresso lovers - 9/30/2018
“ After much shopping around over the years, we are happy to be re-ordering this. It’s become our go-to espresso after trying lots of locals and traveling around the world. ”
By Bethany - 5/22/2018
“Strong and delicious. ”