Decaf Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

Created for our decaf-loving friends, this sampler includes some dark decaf and some light decaf. This gift set includes five of our favorite Decaf selections in resealable 1-lb bags. Enjoy!

CO2 Decaf Colombian* – Decaffeinated using a carbon dioxide process, these large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor.

Decaf Dark Sumatra* – Famously smooth and rich with an earthy and chocolaty flavor, this light roasted decaffeinated Sumatran coffee has a subtle, vanilla-caramel aroma.

Decaf French Roast* – Our own blend of South American and Central American beans, this coffee is a full French Roast and offers a rich and robust flavor.

Decaf House Blend* – This blend of dark and light decaf beans combines a complex flavor profile and medium acidity with a full body and aroma.

Decaf Breakfast Blend* – This medium-bodied blend has a smooth and subdued flavor that stands up well to cream and sugar.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.

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