CO2 Decaf Dark Brazilian Santos

CO2 Decaf Dark Brazilian Santos
$9.65 - 16.75 /lb $16.75
$9.65 - 16.75 /lb $16.75
Region: South America
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Product Description

We believe decaf should have a taste as deep and complex as any of our other craft coffees. Created for our decaf-loving friends, this 100% Arabica gourmet coffee uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) decaffeination process and features the same sweet, fruity aroma you’d expect from a Brazilian Santos coffee. It produces a smooth, full-bodied cup with notes of dark chocolate, sage, and black cherry. These gourmet beans are great for brewing in a drip coffeemaker, percolator, French press, espresso machine, and reusable K-cup.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
True to form.
By Kurt - 1/12/2019
“This decaf is full of flavor without any caffeine. If you love coffee but not the kick then this brew is for you.”
Smooth and full of flavor
By DgW - 10/20/2018
“I have been a decaf only drinker for 20 years. I seems impossible to find a good selection of decaf in any store. I bought and tried this coffee based on other reviews and I was not disappointed. I drink my coffee black and this was a great, smooth, flavorful cup of coffee. I bought a 5lb bag, ground and it lasted me a month. Every cup was good, never bitter, smelled amazing and brewed a great cup each time.”
Very Good Flavor
By Connie - 1/7/2018
“I ordered this Decaf Dark Brazilian Santos just for something a little different from the Decaf Dark Sumatra that I normally order. I like the flavor of the Brazilian Santos ALMOST as much as the Sumatra but the acidity is a bit too much for me to make it a regular purchase for me. If not for that, I would definitely order it more often. If you can deal with a little acidity, I highly recommend it!”