Decaf Dark Sumatra

Decaf Dark Sumatra
$9.85 - 16.25 /lb $16.25
$9.85 - 16.25 /lb $16.25
Region: Indonesia
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Regarded as some of the smoothest coffees in the world, dark Sumatra is very popular in the American Northwest, and is a regular offering of some of the finest coffee shops.

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Overall rating
By coffeeplz - 1/20/2018
“I tried their decaf sumatra & I mixed it with regular sumatra from Starbucks (1/3 caf 2/3 decaf) It was awesome but now I have ordered both the sumatra caf & decaf from Coffee Bean Direct and will try the same blend. It all started when I could not get decaf sumatra from Starbucks here in Naples, Florida during CHRISTMAS. I use the sumatra because it is low acid and doesn't bother my acid reflux. I use the decaf / caf blend so I don't get the jitters. The 1/3 caf is just enough of a boost in the morning. I also tried the Java estate but sumatra is the best flavor and java is a little more acidic and there isn't any decaf.
Best decaf I’ve ever tasted
By Michael - 11/26/2017
“I have given this to my son who avoids decaf coffee. He liked it very much (even when I told him it was decaffeinated.”
Best Decaf Ever!
By MBR - 8/12/2017
“My husband and I are both retired from the US Navy and we are use to rich dark coffee. I have a condition called "Essential Tremor" that causes uncontrollable hand shakes...caffeine exacerbates the condition. So I drink decaf coffee. It's difficult finding decaf that has the quality of regular coffee. The Decaf Dark Sumatra sold by Coffee Bean Direct is excellent. Not only is it rich in flavor, it's low acidity results in it being easy on the tummy. Thanks Coffee Bean Direct for providing this outstanding product!”