CO2 Decaf Espresso

CO2 Decaf Espresso
$10.00 - 17.50 /lb $17.50
$10.00 - 17.50 /lb $17.50
Region: South America
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All Natural CO2 Decaffeinated Coffee - 99.9% Caffeine Free

We believe decaf coffee should be just as deep and full-flavored as any other gourmet coffee. This 100% Arabica coffee is decaffeinated with the carbon dioxide (CO2) method and features a blend of Italian roasted beans with a sweet, floral aroma. As an espresso, it brews up a moderate crema, balanced body, and rich, bittersweet chocolate finish. These beans also produce a great cup of traditional coffee whether prepared with a drip coffeemaker, percolator, or French press.

Product Reviews (14)

Overall rating
Very tasty for a Decaf
By Max - 4/7/2019
“I roasted those as suggested close to an Italian Roast and I was pleasantly surprised how nice this Decaf is. Anybody complaining about the coffee being too bitter or burned means they burnt the beans or went too far in their roasting process. ”
Excessive Oiliness
By Santori - 3/12/2019
“This decaf bean has excessive oils coating each bean. When I ground the beans in an external grinder and used the grind for a piccolo espresso, I tasted burned beans and bitterness. I will not purchase this product again. I give it a one-star rating.”
Better Than Caffeinated, No Jitters!
By Robert - 12/21/2018
“This coffee is excellent. Went away from caffeinated several years ago and finally found this Bad Boy. Use a drip coffee maker and grind the beans fresh each morning. All other beans remain in a vacuum sealed container in the dark until use. Makes excellent Turkish Coffee. If it's not strong enough for you, scale the mix as I do and it beats any coffee shop hands down.”