Godfather's Italian Espresso®

Godfather's Italian Espresso®
$12.00 - 20.02 /lb $20.02
$12.00 - 20.02 /lb $20.02
Region: Central + South America, Africa + India
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Product Description

Godfather’s Italian Espresso® is an all-purpose coffee inspired by the bustling atmosphere of Italy's sidewalk coffee bars. Each varietal is individually roasted and hand blended for the perfect balance of body and bite. Rich, dark, and refined, Godfather’s Italian Espresso® keeps old-world café culture connected to your coffeemaker.

Don’t have an espresso machine? No problem! This all-purpose coffee delivers a tasty cup with any brewing method.

Product Reviews (9)

Overall rating
Excellent espresso!
By Kevin - 10/2/2018
“I love the Godfather's Italian Roast! I've been using it for espresso shots, and it is exactly as described: rich, dark, and with a bit of bite. There is a very pleasant dark chocolate taste to it. I haven't tested it with milk at all since I'm more of a black coffee type of guy, but on its own it's fantastic. VERY similar to shots of espresso I've tasted in Italy, so if you like that style, this may be the one for you!

Godfather's Italian Espresso
By Bob - 1/1/2018
“smooth tasting to the last drop
fragrant aroma
the coffee to wake up to”
Excellent Roast
By coffee snob of Iowa - 10/27/2017
“This was a excellent cup of coffee. I was just in Costa Rica and ran out of my coffee stash i came home with. So I ordered 2 1/2 lbs of this and the dark roast costa rican blend. started with the Godfathers expresso first in a french press then in my grind and brew coffee maker. both times it has made a delicous cup of coffee. I have made some for my office mates at work and they all loved it. i will surely buy more again. cant wait to try the costa rican blend next. Great place to buy coffee from and the prices arent bad either. Starbucks sucks!
drink on!”