Italian Roast Espresso

Italian Roast Espresso
$7.80 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
$7.80 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

This signature blend of small batch Italian roasted craft coffee beans from South America and India is a heavy dark roast and produces a rich, full-bodied coffee with a moderate acidity and a big bite. Displaying a toasty & honeyed aroma and flavor notes reminiscent of cocoa powder and smoky molasses, these gourmet beans are our most popular coffee blend and perfect as an espresso and iced coffee. If you’re looking for a strong, dark brew, definitely check this one out.

Product Reviews (37)

Overall rating
Coffee at its best
By Cameron - 4/3/2018
“This is fantastic stuff. Delicious flavor and aroma that makes me look forward to my next cup. No burn flavor whatsoever. Nicely potent and wakes me up in the morning.”
Perfect roast for me!
By Cooper - 3/14/2018
“This is my favorite style of espresso and they have done a great job capturing what an Italian roast/blend should be. The whole beans have a great aroma and sheen, and they make for a great cup on my modest home machine. The price is also much better than my favorite local Italian style roaster. ”
By Fitz42 - 1/14/2018
“I have been ordering this product for several years, both for use as an espresso and, more so, for use in morning lattes. I have always been happy with the prompt service and the freshness of the roast. ”