Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

This sweet and velvety combination of chocolate and raspberry is one of the original flavored coffees. Chocolate, like caramel, is a natural choice to flavor coffee as it compliments the natural chocolaty undertones of the bean, while the raspberry adds a sweet and fruity kick.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Product Reviews (7)

Overall rating
Chocolate Raspberry
By java jon - 12/27/2017
“This coffee has a better nose than some of my cellar wines. I mix this whole bean with the Italian espresso and grind and then press in my LaPavoni espresso machine. This coffee NEVER fails to be fresh. The bean is never dry in their superb packaging. It always has a smidge of oil on the bean which helps develop a nice crema for me.”
Old Memories
By Dave - 8/29/2017
“This coffee reminds me of the Chocolate Raspberry, flavor that I used to get in a couple Cape May's coffee houses a long time ago, sipping the coffee in the evening with a nice ocean breeze. Oh! memories, are great!”
My Favorite Flavor
By Billy - 7/6/2017
“This is the best flavored coffee I have ever found. Other brands mey have this flavor. but "Coffee bean Direct" is the best I have found.”