Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

Hazelnut is right up there with French Vanilla when it comes to popular flavored coffees. Rich and nutty, it perfectly compliments our light roasted blend of beans to create a beverage that has become a standard in the industry.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Does not contain any nuts.

Product Reviews (22)

Overall rating
Best Coffee Ever, Anywhere
By Walter - 8/20/2019
“Been buying the Hazelnut for years here. If you try using Hazelnut pre-ground or Hazelnut creamers and like it do yourself a favor and try a bag of this wholebean and grind yourself. You will never go back to more convenient substitutes, IT'S THAT GOOD. ”
Great flavor
By Mark  - 10/15/2018
“Great flavored coffee. We have been buying here for several years and it is superb. ”
Inconsistent batches, low potency
By Kronn8 - 8/6/2018
“I reviewed this scathingly before, when I received a batch devoid of any hazelnut flavor. I decided to try it again with a small package, since the other reviews were so positive. My second batch did contain hazelnut flavor, which was a relief. I found the potency to be too weak for me, though; I was constantly refilling my mug.”