We sell all coffees in 4 bag sizes: 25-lb burlap (lowest price per pound), 5-lb valve bag, 2.5-lb valve bag and 1-lb valve pouch.

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  1. Half-Caff Breakfast Blend
    $10.05 - 15.05 /lb $15.05
    Our signature blend fuses regular and decaffeinated beans for the ideal breakfast brew. With a sweet aroma and notes of citrus and herb, this balanced coffee is equal parts mellow and full-flavored. Try it on its own or with milk and sugar for a smooth, … read more
  2. Half-Caff Colombian
    $9.55 - 14.65 /lb $14.65
    We light roast these large Arabica beans to retain their complex body and bright, sunny flavor profile. This blend of regular and decaffeinated Colombian beans feature undertones of juicy lemons, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. The decaffeinated half … read more
  3. Half-Caff Costa Rican
    $9.75 - 15.45 /lb $15.45
    We light roast our Costa Rican beans to retain their sweet, fruity aroma and balanced body. The subtle chocolate notes pair beautifully with delicate hints of citrus and apricot. This blend of regular and decaffeinated Costa Rican beans has a pleasant, … read more
  4. Half-Caff Dark Costa Rican
    $9.95 - 15.80 /lb $15.80
    We French roast this full-bodied blend of regular and decaffeinated Costa Rican beans to draw out its hearty notes of honey and citrus. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate and tart fruit, with a gentle, lingering … read more
  5. Half-Caff Dark Guatemalan
    $9.95 - 15.75 /lb $15.75
    A French roast blend of regular and decaffeinated beans, our Dark Guatemalan is known for its spicy, hearty flavor. The heavy-bodied brew features a floral aroma and silky notes of baker’s chocolate, nut, and cinnamon. This versatile coffee can be … read more
  6. Half-Caff Dark Sumatra
    $10.90 - 17.00 /lb $17.00
    We combine our regular and decaffeinated Dark Sumatra beans in this mellow blend. This heavy-bodied coffee displays notes of maple syrup, baker’s chocolate, and toasted almond. If you’re looking for a low-acid variety with an earthy flavor profile, … read more
  7. Half-Caff Ethiopian
    $10.10 - 16.15 /lb $16.15
    This light roast blends our regular and decaffeinated Ethiopian beans for a fruity, full-flavored cup. These beans have a smooth, balanced body and warm notes of buttery pecan, berry and cocoa. Ethiopian is an intensely aromatic selection with a … read more
  8. Half-Caff French Roast
    $9.80 - 15.55 /lb $15.55
    This rich blend of regular and decaffeinated beans yields a deep, full-bodied cup. Displaying a sweet, smoky aroma and notes of licorice, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate, our signature blend is a dark-roast lover’s dream come … read more
  9. Half-Caff Sumatra
    $10.60 - 16.45 /lb $16.45
    This light roast blend of regular and decaffeinated Sumatra beans features a low acidity and balanced body. This variety is known for its rich, earthy, chocolaty flavor and pungent aroma. If you’re looking for a light roast with intense flavor, this is … read more

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