Half-Caff Dark Sumatra

Half-Caff Dark Sumatra
$10.90 - 17.00 /lb $17.00
$10.90 - 17.00 /lb $17.00
Region: Indonesia
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We combine our regular and decaffeinated Dark Sumatra beans in this mellow blend. This heavy-bodied coffee displays notes of maple syrup, baker’s chocolate, and toasted almond. If you’re looking for a low-acid variety with an earthy flavor profile, you’ve met your match.

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Overall rating
Where has this been all my life?!
By Mark in VA - 2/20/2019
“I live in a relatively rural area and like to use local roasters, but the selection of decafs is limited and no one will roast and bag whole-bean, half-caff unless I special order 10 lbs or more. I'm thrilled to have found CBD and their WBHC selections and I absolutely love this dark Sumatran. My taste in coffee has moved to the less acidic varieties and this is perfect. On the weekends, I enjoy working on a full pot throughout the day and not be bouncing off the walls. Thank you CBD.”
Love It!
By DJ - 3/31/2018
“We've just placed our 6th order for this wonderful blend. Full, rich flavor and low acidity can't be beat. And I no longer have to mix decaf and caffeinated coffee beans. We look forward to our morning brew every morning!”
great coffee
By Thomas - 6/9/2017
“Can't start the day with out it. Wonderful taste and aroma.
Fast service and a problem free web site.”