Organic Bali Blue Moon

Organic Bali Blue Moon
$11.21 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
$11.21 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
Region: Indonesia
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Of all the single origin varietals of coffee we’ve acquired, our Organic Bali Blue Moon is perhaps most deserving of its namesake. This exquisite bean brews the kind of nuanced, flavorful cup that only comes around once in a blue moon. Bali coffee trees are planted alongside oranges and tangerines, and the beans seem to pick up a little extra sweetness and a touch more acidity than most Indonesian varietals. The fact that the beans are dried with the fruit attached to the seed further enhances the complexity and wild fruitiness of this exquisite coffee. It delivers a dry, winey crispness across the palate followed by a long pleasing finish mingling chocolate, vanilla, and exotic spices with just a hint of nuttiness. Get yours before the sun comes up on this remarkable coffee!

Product Reviews (18)

Overall rating
Superb Indonesian coffee
By Klugh - 10/4/2019
“I ordered this to try along with my usual order of Sulawesi or Sumatran light roast. We made one pot and immediately order 5 more pounds. The Bali is clearly a low acidity Indonesian coffee. It’s a little lighter bodied which allows you to appreciate the complexity. The after taste is fantastic too. ”
Good, not great
By Stephen - 9/14/2019
“When I saw this variety show up I was incredibly excited. The coffee I had while in Bali was some of the best that I had ever tasted. Unfortunately, this coffee is slightly bitter and doesn't have those fruit overtones that made it so special. My usual favorites from CBD are Kenyan, Ethiopian and Sumatra. Strictly 4 stars, not 5.”
Once in a blue moon
By Otis - 4/6/2019
“This is the best coffee ever. I don’t know why it got negative reviews. Definitely low acid, I can enjoy coffee every day now. The taste is superb. No bitter taste just delicious coffee.
Thank you Coffee Bean Direct!”