Organic Fair Trade Colombian

Organic Fair Trade Colombian
$10.45 - 16.65 /lb $16.65
$10.45 - 16.65 /lb $16.65
Region: South America
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This is the coffee off-the-shelf brands try to emulate with “100% Colombian” blends, but it’s hard to compete with our fresh roasted version. We light roast these large beans to create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with rich flavor and aroma. Whether you’re new to buying freshly roasted coffee or a veteran, don’t miss out on this customer favorite!

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
By Mariaelena - 8/13/2019
“Love its robust delicious taste!”
excellent coffee
By jim - 6/19/2017
“we mix this with one third organic french roast. makes strong but beautiful coffee. ”
Columbian Fair Trade Beans
By Ursa 38 - 6/13/2017
“Love this coffee! It remains the same each time I order. It has a robust flavor, never bitter. I try others on occasion, but this remains my favorite.”