Organic Fair Trade Espresso

Organic Fair Trade Espresso
$11.65 - 17.55 /lb $17.55
$11.65 - 17.55 /lb $17.55
Region: Central + South America + Indonesia
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This full-bodied espresso blends Arabica beans from Indonesia and the Americas. At an Italian roast, the flavor is complex and strong, with a bold aroma and rich crema. The hearty, mellow blend features notes of vanilla and smoky almond. This versatile gourmet coffee is perfect for espresso but is also great for drip coffeemakers, pour over, French press, percolator, and reusable K-cups.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
All Mine!
By Espresso Addict - 12/22/2017
“Searched for months and months to find an Organic Fair Trade Espresso that would satisfy my husband and this product, as he put it, "Hit it out of the Ballpark!" I'd recommend it but I don't want this supplier to run short of it so I would rather hoard it all for myself! But seriously, this coffee is amazing, easy to order, great shipping and fast service. I love it so much I subscribed. Never leaving home again, just sitting here drinking coffee till the next 5# bag arrives! Sincerely, The Espresso Addict.”
By Tracey - 7/13/2017
“This coffee is the best espresso I have ever drank. I have been drinking coffee for about 30 years now and have had a lot of different types and brands, but none are as good as this.”
Real espresso
By Thomas - 5/16/2017
“My original supplier of a custom espresso blend for bothdecafe and regular retired. I searchrd forr months for replacements. TheCBD decafe (and regular organic espresso) have reigned supreme. I continue to try other highly acclaimed brands and question the experfise ofthe reviewr(s). The beans of other brands cannot be distinguished from regular coffee! When brewed in a highquality espresso maker these poorly roated beans are sour. CBD's espesso is full of flavor, more complex, and highly recommeded for mature tstes that enjoy espresso.”