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Espresso Variety 5-Pack Sampler

Experience each of our espresso coffees to find out which ones you love best! This gift set includes five of our espresso selections in resealable 1 lb. bags.

Italian Roast Espresso* – This is our most popular coffee blend and features a blend of Italian roasted beans that is ideal as an espresso or bold iced coffee.

Medium Roast Espresso* – Good for a soft espresso or a standard brew, this coffee has a full body but less acidity than many other espressos.

Organic Fair Trade Espresso* – This full bodied espresso blend is complex and strong. It features a superior aroma and rich crema.

Six Bean Espresso* – This blend of six unique beans is intended especially for espresso, offering an evenly colored crema, moderate acidity, and a smooth body.

Super Dark Espresso* – This custom blend of black and oily beans is what espresso is all about: a heavy, hearty, and bittersweet cup.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.

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