Holiday Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

Holiday Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

Product Description

Try all of our limited edition seasonal coffees with this deluxe sampler pack! This gift set includes five of our favorite holiday flavors in resealable 1lb bags. These make a solid gift for even the biggest Scrooge. After all, who doesn’t like coffee? Get yours before the season passes you by!

Peppermint Bark Flavored Coffee Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor with other natural flavors

Ingredients for all other flavored coffees included in sampler: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

The Holiday 5-Pack Sampler includes:

Holiday Delight Flavored Coffee* – The flavors of creamy vanilla, crunchy nut, and smooth caramel are blended together to hatch a rare, irresistible treat only available through the holiday season.

Hot Cocoa Flavored Coffee* – Combining the flavors of rich cocoa, marshmallows, and silky whipped cream, this toasty brew is a coffee-lover’s dream.

Santa’s Grogg Flavored Coffee* – This buttery, spicy blend of flavors like creamy butterscotch and Scotch whisky is tasty enough to put you on anyone’s “nice list.”

Winter Wonderland Flavored Coffee* – Combining the flavors of vanilla, caramel, nuts, and coconut, Winter Wonderland flavored coffee will warm you up and turn even the chilliest of days into something to carol about.

Peppermint Bark Flavored Coffee* – Combining the flavor of crushed candy canes and rich notes of silky chocolate on smooth, light roast coffee beans, this minty, surprisingly intricate brew goes perfectly with the season’s many delectable desserts.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.