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Our Favorites 5-Pack Sampler

100% of 100

Try each of our top 5 favorite coffees and find out which ones you love best! The unflavored, fully caffeinated coffee in this gift set is packed in resealable 1 lb. bags.

Breakfast Blend* – This coffee is designed to be the perfect breakfast cup and features a medium-bodied blend of light and dark beans with a tart finish.

City Roast Colombian Supremo* – Featuring subtle chocolaty and fruity undertones, this coffee boasts a uniquely sweet flavor profile while simultaneously conjuring the robustness of a heavier roast.

Costa Rican Tarrazu* – This light roasted coffee is delightfully smooth with a sweet, fruity aroma. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate nuances paired beautifully with a delicate hint of citrus.

Italian Roast Espresso* – This is our most popular coffee blend and features a blend of Italian roasted beans that is ideal as an espresso or bold iced coffee.

Panama Boquete* – Grown in rich volcanic soil and at high elevations, this coffee showcases floral notes, a citrusy finish, and a mild acidity.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.

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