Signature Blends

We sell all coffees in 4 bag sizes: 25-lb burlap (lowest price per pound), 5-lb valve bag, 2.5-lb valve bag and 1-lb valve pouch.

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  1. Throwback Blend
    $7.95 - 8.35 /lb $39.75
    This blend was created to commemorate our roasting roots! We’re throwing it back to our favorite tradition: roasting & blending the best tasting coffee beans from around the world! This signature blend features French roasted coffee beans from South … read more
  2. Super Dark Espresso
    $8.80 - 15.15 /lb $15.15
    This espresso is the darkest that we offer. Our custom blend of Indian and South American beans is roasted until black and oily. With rich notes of toasted nut, barley, and cedar, this is what espresso is all about: a heavy, hearty, and bittersweet … read more
  3. Six Bean Espresso
    $8.95 - 15.50 /lb $15.50
    This blend fuses beans from all over the world and is roasted slightly lighter than the average espresso. At a French roast, it has a smooth, well-rounded body and gentle notes of cinnamon, toasted nut, and cocoa. The velvety blend produces a luscious, … read more
  4. Roasta Rica Blend
    $8.65 - 14.55 /lb $14.55
    We are very excited to offer a new addition to our signature blends! Roasters Blend October 2010 was by far our most popular selling Roasters blend ever. Combining City, Dark, and Light roast Costa Rican beans, we merged all the best qualities of Costa … read more
  5. Poor Man's Blend®
    $7.95 - 10.84 /lb $10.84
    Don’t let the name stop you – this coffee is called Poor Man's Blend® because of its distinction as one of our lowest priced blends, this mix of South American and Indian coffee beans is still of excellent quality. Offering a strong, full-flavored … read more
  6. Mocha Java Style
    $8.90 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
    Mocha Java Style is a custom blend designed to resemble history's first coffee blend. It is not a flavored coffee, but one inspired by the original blend of Yemen Mocha and Estate Java beans, hence the name. In fact, the word “Mocha” in this coffee … read more
  7. Medium Roast Espresso
    $7.95 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
    This blend of beans from India and the Americas has a full body and smooth finish. It is a few shades lighter than our French Roast, and can be used to make a soft, mild espresso with notes of milk chocolate and oat. As a standard coffee, it yields a … read more
  8. Medium House Blend
    $8.40 - 13.60 /lb $13.60
    This is a special house blend roasted just past the city roast level. This is the last stage before “dark,” so if you aren't fond of the darker roast profiles, and light roasts leave you wanting something more complex, this is for you. Medium House … read more
  9. Light House Blend
    $8.65 - 13.35 /lb $13.35
    Our light-roasted House Blend is a mix of the best Central and South American beans we have to offer. This coffee features a complex array of sweet and piquant flavors, creating a cup that is smooth with a bright acidic … read more
  10. July 2019 Roaster's Blend
    $9.05 - 14.85 /lb $14.85
    Summer is in full force, and our July Roaster’s Blend is the perfect concoction to beat the heat. Combining light roast Central and South American beans, our July Roaster’s Blend has a floral aroma with a bold, nutty flavor profile. Perfect hot or … read more

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