Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend
$8.15 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
$8.15 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
Region: South America, India + Indonesia
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Product Description

Our Master Roaster created this blend specifically for your perfect breakfast cup of coffee. It’s just the “jolt” you need to get going in the morning! This is a medium-bodied blend of light and dark beans with a hint of acidity and tartness.

Product Reviews (10)

Overall rating
Wasn't horrible but not good either.
By Caitlin - 6/15/2017
“I wasn't surprised I didn't like this one because every breakfast coffee I've tried, I didn't like. Again wasn't horrible, just too acidic for me. I won't be repurchasing this blend.”
Great cup of coffee
By Matt - 5/7/2017
“Great tasting coffee and no one can match the taste or price. Use to order from the BIG rainforest but the shipping took two weeks, order directly and takes two days. Never had problem and customer service is excellent. Make great gifts to send.”
Possibly Best Breakfast Coffee Anywhere
By ArizonaSunshine - 1/21/2017
“I finally found my perfect breakfast coffee! Just enough body to get me going ... but not so acidic I have heartburn until lunch. Takes creamer and sugar well, too. If you're new here, try this one. Guaranteed NOT to disappoint!”