Mocha Java Style

Mocha Java Style
$8.90 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
$8.90 - 13.20 /lb $13.20
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

Mocha Java Style is a custom blend designed to resemble history's first coffee blend. It is not a flavored coffee, but one inspired by the original blend of Yemen Mocha and Estate Java beans, hence the name.

In fact, the word “Mocha” in this coffee name has nothing at all to do with chocolate. Mocha used here—and in Yemen Mocha coffee—refers to the port of Mocha located on the southwest corner of Yemen.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
Smooth, Rich-tasting Coffee
By Kathleen - 11/19/2018
“After my first taste of Mocha Java years ago, it became one of my favorite coffees. When we saw this blend here, we decided to try it, and we were not disappointed. The light roast really brings out the coffee's flavor. I have always felt that the darker the roast, the more you taste the roast, and not the coffee itself.”
Mocha java
By Adam C - 12/20/2017
“Love mocha java .”
Just OK
By Misko - 8/24/2017
“I have had many great coffees from CBD over the last 7 years. Having had 'real' mocha java in the past, this blend does very little for me. There is a richness missing. This may be because I have consistently buying dark roasts. Sorry I bought 5 lbs. My $.02.