Super Dark Espresso

Super Dark Espresso
$8.80 - 15.15 /lb $15.15
$8.80 - 15.15 /lb $15.15
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

This espresso is the darkest that we offer. Our custom blend of Indian and South American beans is roasted until black and oily. With rich notes of toasted nut, barley, and cedar, this is what espresso is all about: a heavy, hearty, and bittersweet cup.

Product Reviews (11)

Overall rating
By Ronald - 3/26/2019
“Me and my girl love this coffee. It tastes awesome. I grind the beans and put it in a french press. Comes out fantastic .”
Excellent as an espresso shot!
By Kevin - 10/8/2018
“If you want a bold shot of espresso that has a ton of body and dark chocolate hints, look no further. This coffee is amazingly good! There is so much flavor in this, and the crema holds up beautifully after you pull a shot. ”
Full throttle wake-up for my brain
By JavaNinja - 12/22/2017
“BANG! My mornings now start with a super charged espresso "super dark" thanks to this powerful little bean. The quest for the best and darkest beans for my moka express has been found...thanks CBD! ”