$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
Region: Central America + India
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Product Description

A delicate blend of chocolate, hazelnut, and cinnamon flavors bring to life one of our most popular flavored coffees ever. Cookiedoodle will remind your taste buds of warm holiday cookies all year long.

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
Cookies with Breakfast
By Vern - 6/24/2017
“One of my guilty pleasures is dunking cookies in my coffee before I eat breakfast.
With this coffee I can have all the pleasure and none of the guilt!”
So good
By Christina - 5/10/2013
“The product description is spot on. This coffee reminds my husband and I of the cookie plates we receive from relatives at the holidays.”