Dark Brazilian Santos

Dark Brazilian Santos
$8.20 - 14.35 /lb $14.35
$8.20 - 14.35 /lb $14.35
Region: South America
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Brazil is known the world over as one of the most prolific and dedicated of coffee producers. This selection from the Santos region is roasted to the French level. It produces a rich, full-bodied flavor yet maintains the smoothness usually found in a lighter roast. Featuring a pleasant cinnamon nuance and undertones of dark chocolate, this bean is perfect for anything from drip coffee to espresso. If you’re looking for a low-acid coffee, this roast is an excellent way to experience a dark roast and low acidity in a single cup!

Smooth and Deep Darkness
By matthew - 8/14/2014
“Just purchased for the first time, and really impressed by the smooth, rich, and full french roast. No bitterness but has our favorite dark richness.”
Excellent flavor
By Patricia - 6/3/2013
“If you like your coffee strong and dark, then I think you'll be very pleased with this one. It has a wonderfully smooth, rich dark flavor. It's really yummy, and I'm buying more!”
Dark Brazilian Santos
By Bill - 3/14/2013
“I tried this coffee, I like it, has a rich flavor like a French roast. Its similar to City Roast Colombian Supremo, which I personally, like a bit more. But good rich flavor body coffee.”